Over the last twelve months, more 和 more Air Manufacturing suppliers have been scrambling to give an update on when they can comply to these acronyms.  Consider this your cheat sheet to what it all means 和 w在这里 you can obtain more information 和 assistance!


  • ATA规范1000 br - - - B小生意 Rules guidance document for how to deliver ATA compliant S1000D content to your airframe manufacturer.
  • CMPComponent Maintenance Publication, which you may have fondly known as a Component Maintenance Manual (CMM), when you delivered content to the ATA iSpec 2200.
  • CAWG - - - Civil A航空工业 W工作 G哑声. This is the team who have worked through v4.1和4.2 of the S1000D Specification 和 documented for industry:
  1. What B小生意 Rules should be applied, to ensure a valid S1000D data delivery to your airframe manufacturer.
  2. They also took the time to supply a detailed CMP style guide for how that data should look when delivered as a PDF.

The CAWG released an ATA 1000DBR Spec to v4.1和4.2 S1000D.  Available for purchase from the following 航空公司.org link, or if you are a member of ATA you can access these specifications for free.

Still feeling a little overwhelmed, or want to find out more before you purchase the specification or promise you can make a delivery?  Check out the following recordings/video’s:

  • Read a more detailed overview on the ATA 1000 br specification 在这里.

For a 45 minute discussion about everything important in the ATA 1000 br (B小生意 Rules), request to view a copy of the 网络研讨会会议 the OneStr和 team ran last year.

  • To see how R4i Binder generates a PDF for your Component Maintenance Publication (CMP) to the CAWG specification 只需点击几下, 在这个 三分钟的视频.

If you prefer to not invest in new software to deliver to the 1000BR requirements, 看看 OneStr和空气 hosted S1000D delivery capability.

Otherwise connect with the friendly ADG澳大利亚OneStr和十大靠谱彩票平台 Teams to discuss how we can provide this delivery as service.

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