Virgin Galactic Reach New Heights!

New Mexico, USA, July 11, 2021 — Earlier this morning, Virgin Galactic made history with its first fully crewed spaceflight!

This was an exciting moment for the Pennant R4i team who have supported this mission since 2016. The R4i Product Suite is used to maintain, create and deliver the maintenance and operational data to the space wrenches and has been a critical part of the voyage.

If you missed the mission head over to the Pennant IPS LinkedIn page for further details.

Analyzer R6.0 Released!

Brisbane, AUS, June 17th, 2021 — Moving us to a new level of functionality, Analyzer R6 构建在R5版本的广泛功能之上, 具有详细的基于任务的分析和可用性模拟功能, on top of other modelling improvements.

Analyzer R6 is a supportability analysis and modelling product that will support your corporate Model Based Product Support (MBPS) strategies. This new version implements more of our user requests for extended functionality and improved usability.

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Brisbane, AUS, June 9th, 2021 — On behalf of the Pennant IPS Division, welcome to the Pennant team, Project Manager, Ana Rita Simoes Rios. We are so excited for what this new work chapter brings to both parties and we look forward to all of our Customers meeting you.

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Pennant IPS Team attend Land Forces

Brisbane, AUS, June 2nd, 2021 — 很高兴看到彭南特队参加 陆地部队国际陆地防御博览会 this week.

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Welcome to the Pennant Team, Sapna Mane!

Brisbane, AUS, June 1st, 2021 — 我代表Pennant IPS分部,欢迎来到Pennant团队,Sapna Mane. With a wealth of knowledge to share, we are excited to have you join the QA Test Analyst team and look forward to working with you.

Memorial Day 2021!

Pennsylvania, USA, May 31, 2021 — On behalf of the Pennant IPS Division, THANK YOU to all those who’ve served and sacrificed. Remember and Honor…

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Welcome to the Pennant Team, Jerry Underwood!

Pennsylvania, USA, May 31, 2021 — On behalf of the Pennant IPS Division, welcome to the Pennant team, Strategic Account Manager, Jerry Underwood. We are so excited for what this new work chapter brings to both parties and we look forward to all of our Customers meeting you.

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Brisbane, AUS, April 25, 2021 —感谢孤立的面纱揭开了这个澳新军团日, 为了纪念十大靠谱彩票平台英勇的军人.

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A Nostalgic Reflection back in time…

Brisbane, AUS, January 6, 2021 — Happy New Year one and all! As we kick of our 2021 Blogs, grab yourself a coffee and sit back to enjoy a nostalgic reflection of COTS software, 包括一些有趣的经历. Can you relate to any pain points mentioned?

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Thank you for flying with us!

Brisbane, AUS, November 13, 2020 —The Pennant IPS User Forum flight has landed! Thank you to all attendee’s for joining us. If you have any follow-up questions, our team of experienced IPS consultants are available to clarify any details around Integrated Product Support (IPS) services and solutions, so please email the Pennant Team.


Pennant Technical Training Division Demonstration Delivers >>>

Brisbane, AUS, November 12, 2020 — Pleasure to have the UK Technical Training Division Team demonstrate the latest training technology during the Pennant IPS User Forum. The Virtual Loadmaster Training System (VLTS) has been developed by Pennant in partnership with Capewell Aerial Systems.

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Brisbane, AUS, November 11, 2020 — The Pennant IPS User Forum is underway! As the Pennant ISS Division shakes up the Integrated Product Support industry with new products and technologies, our inflight animation explains how the 彭南特端到端IPS解决方案分析、转换、交付和支持 your mission critical assets.

See if you can spot our VP of Global Sales & Marketing Melissa Lyn Pennline in the video, below!



Brisbane, AUS, November 9, 2020 — Pennant IPS User Forum has now launched and virtual flights are now underway >>>> Seats are still available so register now to be a part of this virtual travel adventure to experience Pennant IPS and S1000D software capabilities!


Brisbane, AUS, November 5, 2020 —  For those that have registered to attend upcoming inaugural Pennant IPS User Forum, be sure to check your post for the official Pennant User Forum Travel Itinerary. If you are yet to register, make the most of this opportunity to learn more about IPS and S1000D, by registering today.


Brisbane, AUS, October 28, 2020 — 很高兴地宣布,十大靠谱彩票平台将邀请 Mr. Mark Willis. Second degree qualified, Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and an active member of the ASD/AIA SX000i International Steering Group.

Register now to attend Mark’s upcoming Pennant IPS User Forum presentation, Titled: “行业和政府有一个问题——我能解决它吗??” 


Brisbane, AUS, October 12, 2020 —  We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Pennant IPS USer Forum: The NEXT Generation of IPS Solutions. Join us as we take you on a Virtual journey to share with each of you many informational sessions during this multi-day adventure and virtual journey to The Future of Integrated Product Support.

要查看议程和访问虚拟登机牌, Click here!

“Quotes from our Leaders” Series

Brisbane, AUS, September 29, 2020 — 彭南特国际空间站部门主管塔米·霍尔特,与十大靠谱彩票平台分享一个报价.  Click here to read Tammy’s Quote >>>


Cheltenham, UK, August 28, 2020 — An interesting take on how the world of VR and AR is evolving at a rapid rate and the Pennant Team stands at the forefront of this technology! Pennant Technical Lead software Engineer, Kyle Hatch分享了他对VR日益重要的看法 & AR.  Click here for further details…

National Aviation Day 2020

Cheltenham, UK, August 20, 2020 — As we celebrate National Aviation Day, some of our Pennant colleagues took this opportunity to share some their aviation experiences with us.

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Brisbane, Aus., January 22nd, 2020 -今早在证券交易所的一份声明中, Pennant International Group PLC confirmed it had exchanged contracts to acquire the entire share capital of Aussie firm Absolute Data Group Pty Ltd. Click here to find out more….

OneStrand Inc. 和十大正规彩票平台提供LPD和ASD S1000D合作

Brisbane, Aus., September 26, 2019 — OneStrand have partnered with OmegaPS ILS Software and Services Division of Pennant International Ltd to facilitate the integration of logistics product data into dynamic S1000D electronic publications, via OmegaPS and the new R4i LTS (LPD TS1000D) module.

OneStrand and Pennant will be releasing the first look of R4i LTS powerful productivity tool next week at DEFSEC in Halifax (1st – 3rd of October) and then again at the S1000D User Forum in London the week of October 14th. Demonstrations of the R4i STE module working seamlessly within our current S1000D authoring platform, R4i Writer will also be commencing in London.

如果你打算参加这些会议中的任何一个, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how the latest R4i solutions can support your team. Click here to request further information…


Cyient and OneStrand Inc. 宣布合作伙伴关系,提供交互式技术出版物解决方案

Brisbane, Aus., May 24, 2019 — “This partnership combines the diverse, 而cyent和OneStrand的经验和服务是互补的,” said Tammy Halter, CEO of OneStrand Inc. “We are very excited to be enabling Cyient and their customers with smart software tools to efficiently develop and deliver their technical data.”  She continued on to say, “With a few simple clicks, Cyient can deliver technical data to global customers in print or any electronic delivery format the client requests.”

For further Press Release details, click here.


Nevada, USA., May 21, 2019 — Join OneStrand’s Reeta Nye in the Grand Ballroom, Salon 4 on Tuesday May 21st at 2-30pm.  During this session Reeta will be demonstrating first-hand how maintainers out in the field, in the hangar, or at their MRO facility can leverage the power of the R4i IETP Viewers to ensure an integrated and optimized user experience.


Brisbane, Aus., December 20, 2018 — As we close out another eventful year, it’s only when you take a moment to reflect that you realize it’s been another BIG one for the OneStrand Team!  Thank you to our customers and partners, who support us and share with us the vision of what you need from our industry to support your end goals.  节日快乐,十大靠谱彩票平台期待美好的2019年!

2018 S1000D User Forum – It’s a wrap!

Brisbane, Aus., September 25, 2018 -今年S1000D年度用户论坛的出席真是太棒了, conducted in New Orleans earlier this month. 该活动过去两年都在国外举办, it was great to see the next generation of delegates attending from all around the globe! For the full wrap-up of this event, click here…


Brisbane, Aus., June 6, 2018 — Team OneStrand will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming S1000D User Forum and S-Series ILS Specifications Day, 将于9月10日至13日在新奥尔良举行, 2018.

由航空航天工业协会主办,每年一次 S1000D User Forum 是技术出版物界的首要活动吗.  It provides firsthand, high-level and comprehensive information for managers but also a deep dive for technical experts – accompanied by presentations about successfully implemented use cases and an exhibition with live system demonstrations.

你会在那里找到一队人——Tammy, Melissa和Reeta Stand 15 within the Vendor Hall, so be sure to pop by to say ‘Hi’… Why not ask for an R4i demo!

Remembering the ANZAC’S

Brisbane, Aus., April 25, 2018 -十大靠谱彩票平台的澳大利亚姐妹公司ADG将保持沉默, as two nations bow their collective heads for the ANZAC’s and reflect on those that made the ultimate sacrifice; Read more

Touchdown in the Digital World

PORTLAND, Ore., February 6, 2018-十大靠谱彩票平台开始了打破纪录的超级碗比赛, this week’s Blog provides a dynamic showdown in the digital world with PDF vs ITEP. Click here to find out more…

Hello 2018…

PORTLAND, Ore., January 10, 2018— Happy New Year one and all! As we celebrate the beginning of 2018, OneStrand团队对今年的新项目感到兴奋. Click here to read more

The Year that was, 2017!

PORTLAND, Ore., December 19, 2017— As 2017 draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on OneStrand’s accomplishments this past year in this week’s blog. Click here for further details.

祝十大靠谱彩票平台的兄弟公司ADG 20岁生日快乐!

PORTLAND, Ore., November 4, 2017— Reaching 20 years in business is quite the milestone and definitely worthy of celebration.  This month, OneStrand will be offering amazing birthday discounts in support of our sister Company ADG 20th birthday, 十大靠谱彩票平台留意 Blog page for further details, updated weekly!

2018 S1000D User Forum & ILS Specification Day Announced…

PORTLAND, Ore., October 19, 2017— Details for next year’s 2018 S1000D User Forum & ILS Specification Day have been announced by Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and AeroSpace and Defence (ASD) Industries Association of Europe.

Forming the most comprehensive event dedicated to information exchange standards and technologies in the global Aerospace Industry, this event will include a deep dive for technical experts – accompanied by presentations about successfully implemented use cases and an exhibition with live system demonstrations.

Click here for further details.

Are you letting legacy PDF’s hold you back?

PORTLAND, Ore., September 13, 2017-您是否有以下几类客户:

  • 一只脚站在模拟的过去,另一只脚站在数字的未来?
  • 即使他们的公司数字化了,他们仍然依赖传统的PDF手册?
  • 还没有准备好承诺完整的交互式电子技术手册?
Our AEC division in Sandy, Oregon can help your customers move their legacy documentation forward with a cost-effective and timely solution…. Read more


PORTLAND, Ore., July 25, 2017— Let’s face it, in this day and age we are all time sensitive so if their’s an opportunity to save precious time whilst improving the quality AND speed of your S1000D review cycle, of course you are going to take it…. Stay ahead of your S1000D game and join the OneStrand ladies for a LIVE demonstration of how R4i Writer and R4i ReViewer software can make this dream a reality!

Click here for further details.

S1000D User Forum 2017 News Alert!

PORTLAND, Ore., June 19, 2017— Thank you to the delegates that dropped by the OneStrand stand at the recent ATA e-Business and S1000D User Forum, to meet with Tammy, Reeta and Melissa.

If you would like to connect with the OneStrand Team to obtain more specific R4i software information or Authoring / Consulting Services information, please email: info@onestrand.com十大靠谱彩票平台是来帮助您的S1000D需求的.

Provided below is a photo collage of the OneStrand Team participating in this year’s event. We will be announcing the lucky prize winner soon, stay tuned for further details!

S1000D用户论坛2017 - ONE View, ONE Team with ONE strand TDM Portal

PORTLAND, Ore., June 6, 2017— With only 7 days until the 2017 ATA e-Business and S1000D User Forum kicks off in Amsterdam, the OneStrand Team are gearing up for this event and preparing for Tammy’s Presentation 一个视图,一个团队和一strand TDM门户.

If you are attending, we invite you to join Tammy on Wednesday June 14th at 11:30am to see how the OneStrand Technical Data Management (TDM) Portal and desktop tools can 将你和你供应商的作者转化为一股强大的合作力量. In the cloud or at your site, create, manage and deliver customized IETPs and high quality PDF on demand with the OneStrand TDM Portal.


PORTLAND, Ore., May 1, 2017— As we salute all of our Men and Women in uniform who have served and fought in the pursuit of freedom…. Click here to read more and view a team video.


PORTLAND, Ore., March 15, 2017— OneStrand leads the Technical Authoring Industry with continuous innovation with the R4i Software Suite, systems and training, featuring advanced cost performance, scalability and the flexibility needed, whether it’s on the web or in the cloud, OneStrand is the leader. Click here to read the press release.

OneStrand将在即将到来的ATA电子商务论坛上展出 & S1000D User Forum 2017

PORTLAND, Ore., March 1, 2017— The OneStrand Team are excited to announce they will be exhibiting at the upcoming S1000D User Forum & ATA E-Business Forum 2017.

This year’s Forum topic will be “Driving Value Through Effective Information Sharing” A topic that we can all relate to and more importantly, what the R4i S1000D Product Suite specializes in!

十大靠谱彩票平台将随时向您提供进一步的细节, including the exhibitor booth number, 你在哪里可以找到OneStrand团队!

The Wait is over….. Issue 4.2 of the ASD S1000D Specification, Released!

PORTLAND, Ore., February 6, 2017—S1000D工作组已发布第四版.2 of the S1000D Specification.  Click here 以了解有关已实现的更新的更多信息.


Brisbane, Aus., January 20, 2017彭南特IPS的首席执行官和创始人,OneStrand LLC的联合创始人Tammy Halter, discusses the exciting news of recent Virgin Galactic Contract win with ABC Brisbane’s Steve Austin. Click here to listen to the Radio Interview.


PORTLAND, Ore., January 19, 2017— OneStrand LLC are proud to announce that after an extensive technical evaluation, Virgin Galactic has selected OneStrand as their preferred supplier of S1000D technical publishing software, services and support. The all-encompassing R4i S1000D product suite will deliver technology essential in supporting their human spaceflight program. Click here to read the press release.


PORTLAND, Ore., July 20, 2016- OneStrand有限责任公司自豪地宣布OneStrand AIR的推出. The platform is the first modular S1000D Publishing suite offered as an online subscription service and is available to all industries.  Delivered as a hosted platform, OneStrand AIR使组织能够创建, manage and deliver S1000D compliant technical information without the need to purchase software and infrastructure. Click here to read the press release.


PORTLAND, Ore., July 12, 2016—西班牙塞维利亚S1000D用户论坛暨s系列规格日, 将由西班牙国防协会主办, 航空航天技术公司(TEDAE)代表ASD.

The OneStrand Team is excited to announce that they will be attending and exhibiting at this year’s event.

The Annual S1000D User Forum 是技术出版物界的首要活动吗.  It provides firsthand, high-level and comprehensive information for managers but also a deep dive for technical experts – accompanied by presentations about successfully implemented use cases and an exhibition with live system demonstrations.